Italy - 8 Units XINIU Excavator XN08 & 5 Units XINIU Excavator XN12

On August 22nd, 2019, NEWINDU exported 8 XINIU Excavator XN08&5 XINIU Excavator XN12 to Italy. We contacted each other near one year, and he is very satisfied with our services. XINIU Excavator XN08 Rated power: 7.6kw, KOOP engine Operating Weight: 800kg Bucket Cap



Philippines Clients Visited HELI Office and EONMAC Office

On August 22nd, Clients from the Philippines came to Shanghai Heli office and warehouse to check 3.5-ton forklift. They checked the engine, operating system, and they felt very pleased with Heli's brand forklift. After lunch, we came to our office to sign Heli CPCD35,


Birthday Party After Chinese Spring Festival

On February 27th, Newindu family had a big birthday party for four lovely girls. There were two themes for the party, one was to celebrate the birthday, the other was to wish the company a good start.First of all, our boss Mr Tang expressed the prospect this year. The new start of a year means new opportunity and challenge. No matter how this year develops, we will achieve the aim and step an upper stage.

NEWINDU Team Oriental Salt Lake City Outing

On 26th. Jan 2019, Newindu team organized an interesting outing. At 9:00 in the morning, we gathered at the hotel lobby and with a happy mood went to the East Salt Lake City by bus. It is located in Maoshan, Jintan, China (Changzhou, Jiangsu Province), relying on the six resources of “Mountain, Water, Tea, Salt, Medicine and Spring” and the geopolitical culture of Jintan, covering 27.8 square kilometres, it is the first domestic leisure tourism, cultural display and interaction experience, a multi-themed leisure travel resort, known as "China Tourism Products 4.0"

NEWINDU Participated Bauma China 2018

From Nov. 27 to 30, 2018, the Bauma International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines, Construction Vehicles and Construction Equipment was held in Shanghai, China. The four-day exhibition was unprecedented, breaking through 330,000 square meters area. A total of 3,350 exhibiting companies from 38 countries and regions, the number of exhibitors increased by 13%; 212,500 professional visitors gathered. The unexpected success of this year's exhibition indicates that the development of China's construction machinery industry has finally entered the new development year.

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