Zambia - 1 Unit SHANTUI SD22 Bulldozer & XCMG XS123H Road Roller & XCMG XC740K Skid Steer Loader

On April 16th, NEWINDU exported one unit SHANTUI SD22 bulldozer, one unit XCMG XS123H road roller and one unit XCMG XC740K skid steer loader to Zambia. Main configurations of SD22 220HPBulldozer: 1. Engine: Cummins engine 2. Net Power: 162KW/220HP/1800rpm 3. Operat



Papua New Guinea Clients Visited NEWINDU Office and XCMG Factory

Papua New Guinea Clients Visited NEWINDU Office and XCMG Factory On December 10th, Clients from Papua New Guinea came to our office. We all felt very happy to see each other for the first time. The next day on the 11th, we went to the XCMG factory to check cranes and r


NEWINDU Christmas Party

In the afternoon of December 24, the Christmas party of Yimao Group started in full swing. The creative and high value decoration, full of Christmas elements, made the daily leisure activity area of employees the most suitable place for party. Two Christmas trees of more than two meters were set up next to the bookshelves and hung with strings of lights and decorations, making the Christmas atmosphere strong. Besides that, how can we not have the delicious food to go with it? Two aromatic roasted turkeys were served on the table, making people's mouths water. The lounge bar was covered with juice, cola and candy. With the arrival of each employee, the lounge area became lively.

NEWINDU BBQ Winter Tour at Gucun Park

On December 4, 2021, the Newa team came to Gucun Park to hold an outdoor barbecue. It was a long-awaited spare time to relax and get everyone in a good mood. The weather was also very sunny, blowing the breeze, eating barbecue, and all the scenery became wonderful. After we finished barbecuing together, we sat on the ground and started to play card games, with losing and winning, and it was very lively. The day was full of activities that brought everyone closer together.

Autumn Human CS and Canoeing Relay Race

On November 6, 2021, the autumn human CS and canoeing relay race of NEWINDU Group was successfully held in the activity base of Dianshan Lake group in Shanghai. The purpose of this activity is to provide zero-distance contact opportunities for all employees, stimulate their collective sense of honor, and strengthen their teamwork ability and cohesion.

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