French Polynesia - 2 Units XCMG XE135D Excavator

On September 15th, 2021, we shipped two units of XCMG XE135D excavators to the French Polynesia client by 40FR container. XE135D Crawler Excavator Configuration: 1. Operating weight: 13200KG 2. Bucket capacity: 0.5cbm 3. Engine: Cummins QSF3.8, 86KW 4. Overall dime



Papua New Guinea Clients Visited NEWINDU Office and XCMG Factory

Papua New Guinea Clients Visited NEWINDU Office and XCMG Factory On December 10th, Clients from Papua New Guinea came to our office. We all felt very happy to see each other for the first time. The next day on the 11th, we went to the XCMG factory to check cranes and r


The 13th Anniversary Activities of EONMAC

On September 18, 2021, EONMAC Group celebrated its 13th anniversary. Company leaders and colleagues from various departments gathered together to send blessings to the company. Looking back on the 13 years of establishment, development and growth of EONMAC Group, we all feel pleased and proud. At the event, leaders of all departments took the lead in making speeches, summing up the past and looking forward to the future.

NEWINDU Team Outing to The Ancient Phoenix City

On 20th June 2021, NEWINDU went to Hunan for a tour. They went to Zhangjiajie and the ancient town of Fenghuang. Zhangjiajie's mountains are magnificent and majestic, and the night view of the ancient town of Fenghuang is wonderful, which impressed everyone. During this trip, everyone had a great time and took a lot of beautiful photos, leaving a memorable story in Hunan.

NEWINDU Annual Award Ceremony

NEWINDU held Annual Award Ceremony. Due to the COVID-19, the NEWINDU annual ceremony, which was supposed to be held in January, was postponed to March, and the format of the annual meeting was changed from a party to a meeting. In the difficult year of 2020, everyone withstood the pressure and created even better results than in 2019! Congratulations. For this reason, NEWINDU commended the outstanding employees in 2020, and the outstanding employees shared their experiences at the meeting. At this meeting, everyone learned a lot, and we will work towards a higher goal in 2021.

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