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Azerbaijan - 1 Unit XCMG QY25K5D Truck Crane

On January 29th, 2021, NEWINDU exported one unit XCMG QY25K5D truck crane to Azerbaijan.

QY25K5D truck crane is the product with high reliability inheriting XCMG classical and advanced technology about design and manufacture truck crane of many years and based on mature technology. Special truck crane chassis designed and manufactured by our company, all covered working surface, and classic K-series appearance outline is equipped.

The operations of the crane are very simple, convenient, and flexible. It is widely used for lifting operation and installation work in urban renewal, transportation, ports, bridges, oilfields, industrial and mining enterprises, etc.

Azerbaijan - 1 Unit XCMG QY25K5D Truck Crane

XCMG QY25K5D Truck Crane

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