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NEWINDU Organized The Shanghai Foreign Trade Circle Party

In clear and crisp autumn, the sky was high and the clouds were pale.  It was a good time for an outing.  On October 27, 2018, our company organized Shanghai foreign trade executives to take outdoor extreme sports in meihua city, Zhejiang province. 

Under the guidance of professional staff, we took part in a series of activities.  The winner will be the first person to complete the challenge on time. According to the competition arrangement, we accept challenges as a team that we have never tried before.  Due to time constraints, we raced against time to solve the problem together. On the way, every colleague was running fast, and each team member's face was full of excitement. Whether she is a mother or a quiet person in her daily life, everyone seems to be back to their childhood. He was free to run in the playground and released his personality.

There were no life troubles or work pressure bothering him at that moment. Of course, we were also serious about breaking through the various difficulties out of our natural emulative desire. such as eating disgusting mustard cookies, walking on the shiatsu sheet and so on. The most impressive challenge was to find and photograph the scenery on the event card. We hung out the entire scenic area and never found those landscapes.  

At the last minute, we realized that the landscapes we were trying to find did not exist. The aim of this challenge was to let us go through the scenic spots and appreciate the beauty of nature. It can say that it was well-intentioned. As darkness fell outside, we sat down to eat dinner. After running for one afternoon, we exhausted. Yet, unexpected surprises have come, there was a band waiting for us!  We enjoyed the food while enjoying the wonderful songs. The lively atmosphere made us feel like we were in a concert, and tiredness swept away. The most exciting moment was awarding. there were awards for excellent workers and winners during this successful challenge. The teams, who did not win the prize,  did not feel depressed at all. After all, all of us were happy during the challenge.

The outing of the Shanghai foreign trade biggie ended. Although we wiped out, our sense of teamwork has improved, our cohesiveness was stronger, and our feelings were deeper.

The future of Newindu is worth looking forward to!